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DatingRockstars.com is owned and operated by Rockstar Media. We are a consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge seduction, attraction, and emotional release techniques for divorced men over 40.

We are transitioning from one-on-one consultations to a group consulting model. This transition will spur massive growth in 2023 and beyond.

The new group training is based on something we call the STAGE System. It’s a simple step-by-step system that allows divorced men over 40 to achieve two outcomes:

(1) Release the pain of divorce in minutes (not months) so they can experience peace and unconditional happiness now.

(2) Start dating again without getting rejected, ignored, or humiliated.

Whether they’re looking to play the field or meet that one special girl, the STAGE System will make their dating and relationship goals a reality.

The STAGE System

STAGE is an acronym:

S is for Set It Down
Guys will discover advanced techniques that will allow them to release the energy behind negative emotions so they can get past their breakup and feel better fast.

T is for Take 5
So guys can live in a constant state of peace, confidence, and joy.

A is for Attract
So women express interest first… eliminating any chance of rejection.

G is for Game
Men learn how to flirt and banter using wit and humor so they can start an amazing conversation and never run out of interesting things to say.

E is for Escalate
Clients get a Date Plan so you’re prepared to ask women out at a moment’s notice.

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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass is the name of our new Membership Site that accompanies the group consulting program.

Members receive:

Additionally, members get exclusive access to the Dating Rockstars community for bonuses, events, advanced training, networking, and more.

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Dating Advice

Women & Dating

The STAGE System does NOT objectify, degrade, or manipulate women.

Men who complete STAGE training learn how to use emotional release techniques.

Consequently, they no longer experience worry, hate, anger, fear, jealousy, or any other negative emotion.

Additionally, they learn mindfulness techniques that create inner bliss.

STAGE practitioners are happy, peaceful, considerate, humble, patient, understanding, kind, loving, confident, and compassionate.

In short, they become the best version of themselves.

Therefore, it would be difficult if not impossible for a person to complete STAGE training and then objectify, degrade, or manipulate anyone.

The intent of the STAGE system is to revolutionize the dating industry by showing people how to make loving-kindness a way of life.


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