How To Approach Hot Girls Without Getting Rejected

Rejection sucks...

10 years ago, I was too intimidated to approach beautiful women.

When I did muster up enough courage to start a conversation, I ended up looking like a jackass.

Common responses included:

“I have a boyfriend”, “I have to go because [insert BS reason here]”, or something simple like “F**k off!”

I pretended like it didn’t bother me. But the truth is, rejection hurts.

Now, after years of trial and error (mostly error), I routinely sleep with women I just met.

I attribute the bulk of my success to these 3 rules:

Rule #1: ALWAYS approach when you’re expanding.

Rule #2: NEVER approach when you’re contracting.

Rule #3: Know what to say in ANY situation.

If you do these 3 things well, you can approach jaw-dropping women anywhere, anytime with no fear of rejection.

Today I’m going to share a detailed explanation for each rule.

Let’s jump right in…

Rule #1: ALWAYS approach when you’re expanding

Expansion is the feeling you get when you’re doing something you love.

Feeling confidence, love, peace, joy, or gratitude are sure signs of expansion.

Listen, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions carry energy other people can feel, especially women.

Know this: whatever you feel, she feels. [1]

That’s why it’s imperative to expand on your approach.

Here’s how:

Step (1) – Say what you would like to feel.

If you would like to feel joy, say to yourself repeatedly: I am happy… I am happy… I am happy…

If you would like to feel gratitude, say to yourself repeatedly: I am grateful… I am grateful… I am grateful…

If you would like to feel love, say to yourself repeatedly: I am love… I am love… I am love…

From experience, I can tell you “love” is the most powerful feeling you can emanate on approach.

There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love. The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. If you could wrap every thought in love, if you could love everything and everyone, your life would be transformed.” – Rhonda Byrne

PRO TIP: Inhale while saying “I am” and exhale while saying what you’d like to feel.

EXAMPLE: Inhale I am, exhale love… Inhale I am, exhale love… Inhale I am, exhale love…

Step (2) – Focus on the feeling.

Keep breathing and saying the words until you FEEL the MEANING of the words.

Then focus on the FEELING until the emotion becomes strong.

Step (3) – Radiate the feeling outward.

Imagine breathing from your heart instead of your lungs.

As you inhale, imagine the air is the emotion you’re feeling as it fills your heart.

As you exhale, imagine the emotion traveling from your heart to a target.

EXAMPLE: Love inhale, target exhale… Love inhale, target exhale… Love inhale, target exhale

The “target” can be whatever you like; a person, place, or thing.

In this case, the target is the girl you’re approaching.

With practice, you can use this as an Advance Attraction technique to radiate positive energy on approach AND during a conversation without thinking about it.

Rule #2: NEVER approach when you’re contracting.

Contraction is the feeling you get when you’re doing something you hate.

It’s the opposite of expansion.

Feeling discouraged, resentful, angry, worried, jealous, or fearful are sure signs of contraction.

Put an end to negative self-talk, release negative emotions, and you’ll eliminate contraction.

Here’s how:

Negative Self-Talk

I can’t…
I’m not good enough…
It won’t work for me…
Dwelling on past mistakes…
Visualizing the worst-case scenario…

Thoughts like these are energy-depleting dream killers.

Use this exercise to end negative self-talk:

Don’t THINK or SAY anything Negative for 24 HOURS.

When a negative thought arises, simply reject it and replace it with a positive thought.

To reject it, imagine a huge vacuum over the negative thought and visualize it getting sucked out of your thought pattern.

The vacuum sucks the thought into oblivion – destroying it forever.

Or imagine a catapult hurling the negative thought into the sun or a black hole in space.

To replace it, after you vacuum the thought or catapult it into space, immediately say something positive to yourself.

Reject and Replace each time that negative inner voice surfaces and you’ll eliminate negative thoughts for good.

Negative Emotions

To release negative emotions, go into the eye of the storm and feel it completely.

When you dive into the core of a feeling you’ll notice something interesting. Nothing is there.

As you allow yourself to feel negative emotions, you’ll discover that even your deepest feelings are just on the surface.

At the core, you are silent and peaceful.

In fact, even our most extreme feelings have ONLY as much substance as a bubble.

And you know what happens when you poke your finger into a bubble. It pops.

That’s exactly what happens when you allow yourself to fully experience a negative emotion. It disappears.

From now on, instead of being afraid of negative emotions or judging them, simply feel all negativity when it arises until the feeling completely goes away by itself.

Rule #3: Know what to say in ANY situation.

This one is easy.

If you would like to command her attention and create an emotional connection, just talk about something she’s interested in… like relationships, love, dating, or herself.

Initiate the conversation with a sincere compliment followed by a question.

If you ask the right question, her answer will lead to a captivating conversation with zero effort.


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